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Example of environmental clearing at the border of Bosnia
Timeline ClearingIn all wars over the planet, people have completely forgotten what was the original conflict, as soulparts and egos swap sides during the heated emotion of the original battle.

I recently went with Maria Luiza to Yugoslavia to teach a healing group there techniques for Environmental Exorcism. The location was a beautiful national park on Tara mountain, which sits over a border of Serbia and Bosnia. The group who had invited us to teach was led by Zivorad Slavinski, a Yugoslav healer who has published 22 books.

I led the group on a Shamanic journey for each to find their Teacher, or teaching archetype to assist us in the healing work. Maria Luiza journeyed to find the Teacher for the group as a whole. The consciousness of Tara Mountain appeared to her, and it declared: "I, this mountain, am the teacher for this group. The blood that flowed over my rocks and in my rivers from battles past is the same blood that flows today in the veins of those present right here."

What we hadn't been told was that the workshop was at the exact location of the first ever massacre in that part of the world, which was about 740 years ago. Invading Turks could not find the villagers hidden in the mountains, so they waited for a Christian religious celebration in which all villages joined together. The worst massacre in recent Yugoslav history was only 15km away from the same site, about 6 years ago. Thousands of Moslem peasants were massacred in a few days.

Big BukevWhat we experienced, and healed, was that the defeated spirits of the original battle became "earthbound" or stuck to their killers, due to the intense emotion of wanting revenge. So that is why, 740 years later another massacre happened at the same location. Theoretically now it was Christians killing Moslems, but actually with this, and all other wars on Earth, it has been completely lost to time what we are fighting about.

You can never know who started a fight while you are still feeling the impulse to fight. This applies to individuals within themselves, small groups gossiping or fighting, or nations warring. Desire to fight simply means there has been a swapping of soulparts between the fighting people.

The techniques we used to heal Tara Mountain included having the people present all move into the exact emotion of the original players in the conflict. This enables all to experience the emotions and beliefs of each other, and let go of the conflict. The group moved as a consequence into the original Battle of Kosovo. This is a battle in which both kings died, no side won.

One participant recovered a memory as being Milosh, who said he needed to kiss the Turkish king's feet to surrender. He did so and immediately killed him. That participant called this an act of great sacrifice, that he would like to repeat and repeat, and right now.

Another healer present, represented the other king who died, and said his only crime was "not knowing who he really was", so unable to get truth from his subjects. That participant,  in this life used to a high level NATO bodyguard, and a few months ago founded the first Shamanic school in Slovenia. This school meets weekly to conduct Environmental Exorcisms.

Now we knew why the mountain said the same blood that flowed over her in battle lives in the veins of those present. However, from a Shamanic perspective, memory is holographic, so we can recover and heal group traumas from past events without needing anybody present to be spiritually or genetically connected to the original conflict.

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