Genius Solutions

Genius is the courage to face simplicity, to use what is needed for result, to let go of being enslaved by irrelevant details.

Genius knows that what others think may be unconnected to what they appear to think, and unrelated to what they say they think. A Genius has the courage to notice that “thinking” is in itself a very incomplete invention.

A person addicted to legal or illegal drugs may say “You cannot understand how bad my problem feels” when what they may be actually thinking is “I like to irritate people by creating negative language and vampirize their energy when I fool them.” 

Genius knows that when others play a “secrets” game, that you can “Just say Know.” The secret is that memory and creativity is holographic, and there are no barriers

Genius is the state where the Superconscious, Conscious, Preconscios, and Instinctive minds all allow each other to notice that all are equally important to the creative process. When these four levels of Mind act in harmony, there is a moment of Genius, a “Near Life Experience.” This is similar in usefulness and quality to a “Near Death Experience”, without physical danger being necessary to induce the Waking Shock.

By learning to allow yourself to cut through to the simplicity, you become a vital and creative part of a World in Transformation.

Barkley Heritage Literary Works

I want to see this happen

My name is Rowland Barkley, and I have spent my lifetime helping people make rapid, dynamic improvements in their life. Over the course of 50 years, I have gathered enough information to fill 17 books and wish to assemble them as my legacy for this and future generations. My system is proven to succeed, and has been used the world over for curing drug addiction, poverty, and lifting people out of warfare and chaos mentalities.