Addiction Recovery and the Role of Nemesis

Drum LessonRegardless of what you are addicted to, it represents a form, or a structure created by others in society. In a similar way, when you give away, or lose parts of your soul, they are often “given to” or “stolen by” others in society. None of these transactions can happen unless you believe that some other person is better equipped to use your gifts. When trying to get free of your addictions, it is important to confront, and then own your nemesis in order to come into your full birthright. Today, Rowland Barkley can help you with this process, just as he has helped thousands of others.

Yet another Form of Social Implant

PostojnaOthers that have been negatively affected by this or other lifetimes will create situations that cause you to become degraded. In some cases, you, or some ancestor may have done the same thing to them in other lifetimes. Typically, these energies will manifest themselves as implants that make it difficult, if not impossible for you to achieve the life you would have had if you maintained your birth perfection.

Interestingly enough, drug addiction is a very common form of implant in the modern world. While a pill may have the exact same content from one pill to another, they can have very different impacts on individuals. Someone with a specific type of social implant will find themselves becoming addicted, while another will not. If you were able to perform research on the subject, you may even find that people with certain types of activities in their past lives, or ancestral history are addicted to specific substances.

If you think of society as an increasingly smothering blanket that demands more and more control of what it has no right to own, then you can easily see why drug addiction is such a useful implant. Unfortunately, if you are suffering with the addiction, you may even have believed these drugs would set you free. Today, Rowland Barkley can help you get free of these and other implanted paradoxical thoughts that keep you locked tightly in the cycle of addiction.

Understanding the Nemesis as Guardian

Dragon CrystalConsider a situation where you hate another person or group to the point where you would refuse them any type of energy. Interestingly enough, even paying attention to them, or calling them names gives them energy and power. The angrier you get, the easier it is for them to gain access to your special gifts. At the same time, you will be cut off from your own gifts because you know that the anger is a sign of failure. In this way, the nemesis, or enemy becomes guardian of the powers you no longer trust yourself to manage and use.

If you are addicted to drugs, chances are the process started with an anger or a dislike for some other person. Regardless of whether that person was a family member, teacher, or former friend, you probably wanted to deny being of service, or allowing your gifts to benefit specific individuals. On the other hand, drug dealers and others that encouraged you to try drugs promised you a road to freedom.

Once you understand how the addiction implant works in conjunction with your nemesis, you can see why it takes a highly experienced tranceformational shaman, such as Rowland Barkley to help you get free. Among other things, he will be able to see past all of the harmful energies that have been created by your own mind while under the influence of the implant. At the same time, he can and will show you how to confront your nemesis and take back what is rightfully yours.

Barkley MetaphysicianPerhaps we can say that the emergence of stronger and stronger addictive substances is an indication that the human consciousness itself is dealing with an implant. This may be caused by some fundamental misstep of humanity somewhere in the past. Even though this implant no longer has even a remotely useful purpose, it is still able to wreak havoc in millions of lives. As may be expected, getting free will involve taking back control of a core nemesis in order to get free of these substances.

Fortunately, you can work with Rowland Barkley and take the steps necessary to confront your nemesis and enjoy living your birthright. As you undergo this process, you will create a powerful light in the human consciousness. Once others begin to follow the same path, you will quickly notice that drug use and all the harm caused by it will simply vanish. In its place, you will see millions of empowered people that are finally able to have the happiness and abundance that they deserve.


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