Break the Deepest Barriers

Breakthrough! your biggest barrier and discover your true power
Barkley RadiationPrivate audiences with Rowland Barkley are for those who decide to break their biggest restriction to their life and break it right now, and open up to express their deepest power. E.g. concert musicians that need to overcome stagefright this week, scientists that need the inspirational push to prove their discovery, medical professionals that want to lose their tiredness when they work. Such a major issue, gone, may take up to three sessions.

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Clear Mind and Initiation

Initiation empowers everything great in your mind. Initiation also empowers everything stupid in your mind.

"The path of Initiation requires persistent daily work of meticulous freeing of all stuck ideas from self, genealogy, and ruthless liberation from the illusion of Ego." Rowland Anton Barkley

Personal Liberation Workshop

The Quantum Leap into accessing your true potential with Rowland Anton Barkley:
The "Personal Liberation" Workshop

Creative ImpetusThe “Personal Liberation” workshop awakens the potential in you of using the hidden tools for creating what you want in your life, in a way that only Oluwo Rowland Barkley can teach. This new and highly advanced Personal Training contains closely guarded secrets that have never before released, and forms the basis for all other Success work with Rowland Barkley, the 22nd century Shamanic Master.

  • Do you want to feel happy, full of joy, brightness and health?
  • Do you want that the environment better accepts you, making your work decisions rationally and on the basis of the intuition that is inside of you?
  • You have tried “everything” but still the solution is not on your hand?
  • Have you wished for so long for a good relationship, yet something seems to sabotage the harmonious life you desire?
  • Do you wish it were possible that in some way you could “take a breath” that changed others behavior so they act more favorably towards you?

 After the “Personal Liberation” training series you will be constantly amazed at the “unbelievable” improvements in the attitudes of others towards you! Learn the secret and sacred formula of success!

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